About Oopoe

Oopoe is the artist moniker for Mike Ryder, a 22 year old audio engineer, producer, and remixer. Mike came into music late, starting on the guitar at the age of 17. This led to learning the basics of DAW production, writing and recording songs. Mike then moved fully into production after enrolling at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey.

After working with various bands, Mike began to develop his own electronic style, taking inspiration from artists like Synkro, Phaeleh, and the future garage sound. Remixing has become a big hobby for Mike, taking pleasure from breaking down other peoples work, and re-crafting it with Oopoe's sound.

Traveling has become a big part of Mike's life, spending time every year in the Alps of France, Switzerland, and Italy. Documenting these travels, Mike is heading in the direction of creating an ongoing audio/visual experience, combining the things that are close to his heart.

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